As our current economic cycle has carried redevelopment projects back to the forefront, River Cove has already been supporting client renovation, remodel and restoration needs for some time. Whether your existing space requires the renewal of aged equipment/materials, structural improvements, change in site layout or a renewed appearance, River Cove Development has the tools and experienced professionals to exceed your expectations.

Construction remodeling and renovation that is minimally invasive to your operating business, neighboring tenants and shopping center activities is a discipline that is commonly claimed, but extremely rare in the building industry. Many groups consider renovation projects the same as interior build or general construction projects. In fact, these smaller types of projects can be the most challenging work in the industry. Regardless of the client’s decision to operate or cease their operations during the renovation, River Cove Development understands that work quality, site cleanliness, operational scheduling and rapid project completion are the driving factors that easily distinguish a first-rate contractor from our competitors. All River Cove renovation projects are highly coordinated with client Operations Directors on down to their ‘ground level’ personnel. Most of our renovation experience comes from working alongside operating healthcare practices. And, our annual output of these mostly repeat business projects is proof of our success and the manner in which we conduct this service. Client confidence in renovation/remodel type projects is an indication to the ease at which we are able to conduct our other construction services. Effective concurrent work around retail and health providers is a refined skillset that only comes from experience. This work demands a delicate touch, daily coordination, after-hours labor, regular construction cleanings and protection efforts and a commitment to hold to our difficult proven processes to mitigate the impacts of the renovation on our clients and their surroundings.